“Bitte Ein Kuss” by Onelinedrawing

88. Song Nos. 1,048 and 1,049: “Bitte Ein Kuss
Onelinedrawing, Visitor (2002); Jonah Matranga, Alone Rewinding (2017) (rec. 2002)

If only the friend who put “Bitte Ein Kuss” on a freshman-year mixed CD knew how this celebration of cunnilingis would be the song I still love the most from that random sampling of her musical library I’ve since lost to time but led me to Jonah Matranga and all of his musical projects.

I had no idea what this song was about, and asking a friend to demystify the title for me with her mid-semester German I wisdom in those pre-Google Translate days didn’t shine a clarifying light on its meaning, either.

In retrospect, of course literally only Jonah would write a celebratory ode to going down on the ladies that’s filled with extended metaphors and sly allusions. I had neither any idea nor the curiosity to find out what “Bitte Ein Kuss” was about — I always assumed it was another awestruck love song that at least rounded third — because I instantly fell in love with how it sounded. And it definitely benefited from the immersive seasonal association that came with playing it over and over during late-spring-semester freshman year with the windows thrown open and the trees outside my dorm room audibly rustling along with the music.

It also stands as proof that the scene wasn’t all haughty, elitist gatekeepers. I don’t remember how I learned what hips like seashells and other bits of lyrical poetry really meant, but I know it came from a show or some rare instance of comment-section wisdom or an interview with Jonah himself. Whatever it was, it was one of those kernels of insight that came from some helpfully supplied link to some verifiable source from fellow indie aficionados and not, like, actually putting what I was learning in pursuit of an English major to practical use.

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