“All in a Row” by Gratitude

43. Song No. 179: “All in a Row,” Gratitude
Gratitude, 2005

The most important thing to know about this song and anything by Gratitude, Onelinedrawing and Far is that Jonah Matranga is truly one of the most genuinely nice people ever. I met him at I think Skurf, where he talked to me like we were old friends and taught me how to open CDs. Since then, he has proven to be a force of good for the right side of history who truly gives me the hope to believe there are more people like him out there I’ve just never heard about because they don’t have a decades-cultivated musical platform and voice that they’ve harnessed to advocate for the greater good. I started following him on Instagram eons ago and he not only followed me back but never fails to dispatch heartfelt responses every time I’ve commented on his posts.

This song has been stuck in my head for weeeeeeks now, which is not a problem at all because, for one thing, I freaking love it and it’s infinitely hummable; for another, it’s a nice reminder of someone whose very presence is a comfort to me. While I have deeply nuanced feelings about the complexity of separating the art from the artist, it is such a wonderful thing to know that music I love comes from a person I deeply respect as a good, big-hearted human being.

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