The profiles
Playlists, with occasional stats
More than 10 years of diligently logged listening habits
Basically, but only for Spotify and way more responsive
Rate Your Music
Currently an in-progress attempt at cataloging my entire music library

The playlists
(Almost) 12,700 Songs
All the songs so far, as faithfully approximated as possible
Less Than 12,700 Songs
The songs that alphabetical listening gave me a second chance to fall in love with
(Way Less Than) 12,700 Stories
All the songs accompanied by a story, also as accurate as Spotify’s absences allow

Other stuff
12,700 Songs on Twitter
Updated whenever there’s a new 12,700 Songs post, whenever I feel like sharing a song, or just whenever
Stereo Stories
Oodles of mini-memoirs about music as places and times, mostly by people who aren’t me
The Mighty
It took me two and half decades to start talking about my stutter and now I won’t shut up about it