“The D in Detroit” by The Anniversary

148. Song No. 2,269: “The D in Detroit,” The Anniversary
Designing a Nervous Breakdown, 2000

This song sounds like winter and driving north for winter break, and it is hands-down my favorite Anniversary song (though there’s a smattering of tunes on their sophomore album that give it a run for its money while also sounding like summer and the summer vacations I was mentally trying to escape with music as loud as I could take it).

If you were so inclined to check out the decade tags here, you’d probably notice how under-represented the ’80s are. Synth stuff doesn’t do that much for me, which makes The Anniversary a notable exception. Their second album has much more of an indie-rock/maturing-emo-band sound, but their debut is all about that Moog and the electronic dreaminess it casts over everything it touches.

I don’t know why this song, out of everything on one of emo’s finest debuts, stands out so much to me. The lyrics detailing the difficulties of a long-distance relationship certainly resonated with me as I grappled with my then-boyfriend living nearly an hour away at a time when any unwalkable distance felt like an insurmountable chasm of separation but, really, something about the way this song ebbs and flows and builds and explodes is such an incredibly satisfying journey.

But if we’re being completely honest, the fact that this song sounds like Tetris—the only game in which I am absolutely confident I can wipe the floor with anyone who attempts to best me—probably goes a long way in why it’s endeared itself to me.

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