“Carve Your Heart Out Yourself” by Dashboard Confessional

117. Song No. 1,667: “Carve Your Heart Out Yourself,” Dashboard Confessional
A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar, 2003

I have found myself shamelessly loving so many Dashboard Confessional songs lately, to say nothing of finding them compulsively singable, neither of which I was expecting at all. And… you know, just fuck everybody and any pretense of being cool, which is overrated anyway and not nearly as fun as prancing around your kitchen and full-throatedly warbling emo anthems at your very confused dog: I absolutely love this song.

Turns out, Chris Carrabba is at his best when he’s the camp counselor leading everyone in an upbeat earworm of a campfire singalong just to get the suspiciously flawed girl’s attention. Despite a title that is just the quivering peak of emo stereotypes, this song is such an optimistic, gently ironic plea for someone to take notice of not only their own merits but also the devoted and lovesick puppydog of a dude confessing a lifetime of steadfast loyalty, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in such a heartfelt gesture of sincere adoration. For all the times Carrabba pens gut-wrenching, wall-punchingly raw odes to the raw sting of fresh heartache (or the sharp hint of new tears if you must) that define his prevailing image, the emo poster boy sure knows how to write one joyful declaration of an earnest, immovable heart.

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