“Call Out Your Name” by Blu Sanders

113. Song No. 1,547: “Call Out Your Name,” Blu Sanders
Unreleased, 2001

I have such a soft spot for Blu Sanders so it bums me out how difficult it’s been to share his music with others once tapping directly into my music library to create mixed CDs for a wonderfully intimate way to pass songs along to my favorite people/complete strangers became passe as digital music, streaming and virtual playlists all demonstrably succeeded tangible exchanges of music between two people.

A lot of Sanders’ songs (at least amomg the three albums of his I have) are raw in a quiet and contemplative and unabashedly vulnerable kind of way, which I love but know is not everyone’s cup of tea. Upbeat gems like “Call Out Your Name” stand out among that more serious fare like carefree and utterly irresistible, inviting declarations of joy that benefit from the sharp stylistic and emotional contrast differentiating them from their proximal and more ponderously introspective kin.

Which I guess makes “Call Out Your Name” benefit from its context in that regard, but I’d still love to find a recording beyond my own digital library to share and pass along a lovely slice of musical sunshine packaged in three-and-a-half infectiously endearing but also apparently stubbornly elusive minutes. Because it really is one sweetly catchy and optimistic song that more folks oughtta fall in love with.

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