“Break the Sky” by The Hush Sound

103. Song No. 1,334: “Break the Sky,” The Hush Sound
Goodbye Blues, 2008

Well. For all the ways 12,700 Songs has impacted my listening habits in 2020, “Break the Sky” being my most-played song of the year per Spotify is probably the most obvious one.

It, like most things I tend to do with vastly off-course peregrinations that usually find their way back to the original point of intention sooner or later, was a roundabout route to falling wildly in love with this song: An A-song appearance from The Hush Sound (probably “The Artist”) was one of those early moments of being struck by “Oh, wow, I forgot how good this band was!” that had me devouring all three of their incredible albums in a fit of obsessive rediscovery, with this song unexpectedly catapulting itself among my second-chance favorites.

There’s just really something wonderful about realizing that I have so much undiscovered, forgotten or waiting-for-their-time-to-shine tunes in my library, and unearthing absolutely radiant gems like “Break the Sky” with a glee I didn’t know I had to energy to summon is a thrill I didn’t know I’d get to experience over and over again so often. Though inadvertently meeting the utterly delightful members of Hush Sound years and years ago at the locally legendary Starland Ballroom should have been all the proof I needed that their music is as charming as the talented folks behind it.

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