“Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin

86. Song No. 981: “Beyond the Sea,” Bobby Darin
That’s All, 1959

If I can be meta for just one second: Since the fist time I listened to my entire iPod’s contents alphabetically by song, I’ve tried this project a few times but never got very far. The only time I made it past the A’s was in 2017; that December, I got to “Beyond the Sea” and then apparently gave up. So hoooraaay to this being the farthest I’ve listened since successfully tearing through the late Roland the iPod’s library in 2011 (his journey is done, and may we meet again in the clearing at the end of the path).

I feel like “Beyond the Sea” is such an anomaly in my music collection, since even the late ’50s are a bit outside the ’60s and ’70s stuff I prefer my classics to sound like. But “Beyond the Sea” is more of a vestigial tribute to my middle-school obsession with “The X-Files,” in which Bobby Darin’s ditty held a place of special significance in the first-season episode it shares a name with (and served as early evidence of how good the show could be when it wasn’t afraid to not only face but also explore its main characters’ depths of emotion).

Years and years and years later, well after hubs and I realized we shared a childhood affinity for one of the most groundbreaking shows of the ’90s, we toyed with the idea of “Beyond the Sea” being our first-dance song. We ultimately picked another one with more immediate significance, but “Beyond the Sea” will forever serve as a succinct stand-in for so many things we shared without knowing it and the joy of realizing our younger selves were joined in some way.

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