“Baby Blue” by The Early November

68. Song No. 669: “Baby Blue,” The Early November
The Room’s Too Cold, 2003

I mean, I could natter on endlessly about the unparalleled Jersey scene and how many incredible bands got their start at local shows: The Early November was one of ’em. And nothing sounds so viscerally high school/early college quite like they do. They played some show at the university a few exits down from,mine in, I think, the second half of college and I wound up chatting with them between sets, absolutely delighted by the behind-the-scenes stories from one of — and about — my favorite local legends.

“Baby Blue” felt like an extension of that, evidence of the shared musical histories of fans and bands that really only differ in perspective. The end chant of “I don’t want you to love me anymore” tickled my indie-rock heart with an unmistakable allusion to The Get Up Kids’ “No Love.”

Which, you know, led to one of the most uncomfortable musical lawsuits ever. A band you love suing another band you love all because the former loves the latter too is a weird thing to reconcile as a young adult who just wants to very uncoolly fangirl over one band’s affection for another.

But I’d still bet that there isn’t a grown-up emo kid out there who can resist the urge to wail IIIII DON’T / WANT YOU / TO LOVE ME ANYMOOOORE at the top of their lungs.

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