“Ant Farm” by Eels

55. Song No. 437: “Ant Farm,” Eels
Electro-Shock Blues, 1998

“Hate a lot of things, but I love a few things
And you are one of them
Hard to believe after all of these years
That you are one of them…”

I have loved this band and this album so long that a line from this song was part of my senior quote in my last high school yearbook, or just about the only thing from high school that I put above-and-beyond effort into.

Nearly 20 years later (and a frequent uptick in revisiting my old high school, thanks to my job), it covers a lot more ground and describes far more people than it used to. And it has only solidified its place as one of my all-time favorite songs in all that time and through nearly half a lifetime of experiences since.

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