“Another Little Hole” by Aqualung

53. Song No. 427: “Another Little Hole,” Aqualung
Strange and Beautiful, 2005

I absolutely freaking love Aqualung and the springtime feel of Strange and Beautiful. And this song is the perfect melancholic capstone to an album that sounds exactly like those first vernal stirrings and revisited me right at the time of year when I’m trying to pretend that spring is just settling in instead of facing the reality that summer’s slowly seeping away.

“Another Little Hole” absolutely should sound like the onset of fall, even if I don’t want it to. The last track of an otherwise temperate album needs to stick the final heavy landing to deliver a satisfying if not heartwrenching conclusion: It’s what gives the album some weight, dimension and a story worth telling.

This song is the emotional inverse of the mostly titular opening track, right on down to the haunting reconciliation of themes, traversing the journey from first casting then breaking the bookending spell. It makes for an introduction and resolution that feel so complete and intentional every time that it gives me chills independent of the dropping temperatures.

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