“All Things Good and Nice” by Jets to Brazil

40. Song No. 222: “All Things Good and Nice,” Jets to Brazil
Four Cornered Night, 2000

One of the best things emo did was normalize guys talking honestly about their feelings. What ensued was a lot of overwrought lyrics and occasionally too-possessive ballads, sure, but it opened up pathways to addressing harder feelings like health scares, invisible scars, declining mental health, unhappy childhoods and heartbreak in all its manifestations in a way that finally felt honest and therapeutic and, most of all, offered a sense of being seen.

And then you have songs like “All Things Good and Nice,” which is Jets to Brazil frontman Blake Schwarzenbach’s ode to all the people, named and un-, he’s thankful for and why. It is the sweetest song, I think, of the 12,700 presently living on my iPod, and it never fails to make me feel a little better about the world.

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