“Alfie” by Lily Allen

31. Song No. 137: “Alfie,” Lily Allen
Alright, Still 2006

Speaking of ones I sat on for way too long

Lily Allen, the U.K.’s most charmingly cheeky export, is the older sister of one Alfie Allen, the eponymous inspiration behind this musical intervention in an attempt to talk some motivation into a baby brother whose days consist of sleeping well into the afternoon, staring at the television and existing in a fog of pot haze.

For those who haven’t blocked out the epic disappointment that the Game of Thrones TV series turned out to be, you may recognize Alfie Allen as the ward-of-Winterfell-turned-castrated-kraken, Theon Greyjoy/Reek.

My original plan was to post this as a GOT-inspired rewrite of the lyrics to “Alfie” but I soon realized I had neither the energy nor the desire to spend the requisite amount of time revisiting GOT to piece together 34 lines about it.

So I’ll leave it at what I do best: eagerly embark upon a project, only to abandon it just as eagerly once I hit that first wall with a vague promise to maybe give it another try some other time.

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