“All Circuits Down” by The Remedy Session

19. Song. No. 159: “All Circuits Down,” The Remedy Session
The Remedy Session, 2002

I have such a soft spot for the late-’90s/early-aughts Florida music scene, and a relentless high school adoration for Chris Carrabba’s music (I did love some Dashboard Confessional and freely wept the first time I saw them, but I loved his era of Further Seems Forever, too, and “The Moon is Down” will forever hold a special place in my heart) opened those floodgates. The likes of Recess Theory, Rocking Horse Winner, Yellowcard, Copeland, John Vanderslice and The Remedy Session were among Carrabba’s fellow Floridians who presented the only argument against New Jersey’s otherwise ironclad claims to the country’s best local scene that I could even deign to entertain, and my sick lust for tropical humidity only deepened my fondness for them.

I had read some interview with Carrabba where he raved about the fertile Floridian scene, mentioning The Remedy Session by name. And I instantly bought what seems to be their only LP to date, which I still love nearly 20 years later. It is a time capsule, for sure, and in all these songs that take me back to a certain feeling or moment, this is one that knocked me on my ass with its clobbering nostalgia.

There is such a raw intensity to bands that have plenty of talent but never make it beyond local-darlings status, and the way that Remedy Session just sounds like my moody, brooding peak-emo phase makes me wish more people had a chance to shout along with the pickups and breakdowns they do so well. This isn’t stripped-down acoustic soul-baring, but it’s got the soaring highs and thundering booms that accompany the range of feelings only a too-sensitive, offbeat teenage girl with anger issues and a knack for navel-gazing is capable of. But it sounds so good that it swallows everything else happening around it mercifully up.

Except for overwrought high school poetry. That’s shit’s irredeemable, no matter how gracious your senior-year creative writing teacher is.

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