“Ain’t No Time” by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

14. Song No. 107: Ain’t No Time,” Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
This is Somewhere, 2007

Well. That came out of nowhere.

I downloaded “This is Somewhere” eons ago, either because Grace Potter & The Nocturnals were playing at Appel Farm Fest or just because I have a soft spot for musical outfits from Vermont. Regardless, they were another one of those bands I had been hearing about forever but never listened to and decided to give them a go. And was pretty lukewarm about the album as a whole. Evidently, this was another one that needed a second chance for me to appreciate it.

Anything even remotely country-sounding has a high hurdle to clear in terms of endearing itself to me. Even bluegrass, the genre’s far more palatable cousin, isn’t an immediate win, though I am far more amendable to it–and thank Cthulhu for THAT, because it helped me realize what I could have missed had I not come back to Grace Potter and her band at what was clearly the right time.

I’m a sucker for a song that sounds like the heroine’s fourth-act rallying cry, and “Ain’t No Time” is exactly that. An anthem for seizing the day and doing the thing, especially in a time when standing still is no longer an option, this song is made for a windows-down-volume-up, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs victory lap. Or also playing on repeat a dozen times and dancing around your living room, whatever.

There have been songs I’ve gotten stuck in my head on an seemingly infinite loop. There have been songs I loved from the start. And then there are songs that just grab me by surprise years later and make me fall immediately, helpessly in love with them so hard that I know all their lyrics by the end of the day. “Ain’t No Time” turned out to be one of those songs, and I look forward to loving as an old favorite one day and putting it on every playlist I can interfere with in the meantime.

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