“About Falling” by Say Anything

12. Song No. 32: About Falling,” Say Anything
In Defense of the Genre, 2007

Say Anything is one of those bands I loved hard but fleetingly. And since all three of my favorite songs of theirs are in the front half of the A’s, I feel like art’s gonna imitate life a little bit in that regard.

To be perfectly honest, I almost forgot about this (er, apparently double-disc) album since the collegiate omnipresence of its predecessor “…Is a Real Boy” handily eclipses the rest of a discography that I enjoyed far more insularly and casually than communally and incessantly.

But here I am just as before: singing “I don’t wanna get lost in the ocean” to myself over and over for literal days, with occassional outbursts of “I DON’T REALLY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT FAAALL-LING IN LOVE!” when I forget myself just enough to let the crescendo take the wheel.

I have played so much music lately, but this song has just wormed its way into my head and will not yield that mental real estate it’s hellbent on dominating. It’s certainly not a bad thing: I just didn’t expect earworms this relentless so early–and definitely not from Say Anything, even if Max Bemis’s deconstructed-thesaurus approach to songwriting is something anyone with a $160,000 piece of paper saying they’re good at words oughtta enjoy (even if it’s a skosh more problematic than I remembered, but we’ll deal with that later). Add some Matt Skiba guitar work (love you, Alk3) and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how deeply this tune worked itself into my brain after all.

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