“Aching to Pupate” by Regina Spektor

9. Song No. 46: “Aching to Pupate,” Regina Spektor
Songs, 2002

I am so guilty of gravitating to the music I love, those songs I know so well they almost feel like they’re mine, when I don’t know what to listen to. Sometimes I get a hankering for specific music but more often than not, I just want music to fill the silence and fall back on my favorites to do it.

It comes at the exclusion of music I love slightly less fervently or the songs that just kind of fall by the wayside over time, whether it’s because their artist’s other output appeals to me more or my tastes veer into a different direction. I’ve lost track of a lot of bands, albums and songs I used to play a lot more, and I’m already having a lot of “Oh, wow, I remember when I was OBSESSED with…” moments as I slooooowly make my way through the front half of the A’s.

And I think some of those memories, by sheer consequence of alphabetical order, will be less about the song and more about its context. Like this one. I freaking love Regina Spektor, but I’ve forgotten how far her sound has evolved from its stripped-down, quirky, and experimental origins. “Aching to Pupate,” from her second album “Songs,” was never once a track of hers I’ve felt compelled to put on repeat, but it has all the same charms and playfulness that punctuate Regina’s earlier albums and exemplified her unconventional sound. And it’s a nice reminder that I have tons of music to revisit: Slothrop the iPod contains more than 1,400 never-listened-to-songs, and scads more that I haven’t listened to since he replaced his predecessor in 2011. While “Soviet Kitsch” remains a longtime favorite, it’s always a treat rocking it back to where an artist’s roots are planted.

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