“Everything Hits at Once” by Spoon

205. Song No. 3,127: “Everything Hits at Once,” Spoon
Girls Can Tell, 2001

Girls Can Tell remains one of my absolute favorite albums of all time–courtesy of a band that I have loved since high school and still hasn’t put out one bad album in those two decades–and I love that it gets one of the coolest songs ever just sauntering on in as its introduction.

If winter is for quiter music and indulgently moody seven-minute post-rock masterpieces, summer is the domain of classic rock and the fuzzy, ever-evolving but eternally grooving Spoon. This album in particular sounds like sweltering summer days frolicking through Philly before piling into the TLA or The Troc for the endless parades concerts that punctuated those hazy, infinite summers of high school and college, an association that makes those comparatively carefree days feel a lot more tangibly within reach than inaccessibly preserved in amber.

Girls Can Tell was my introduction to Spoon, with this opening track establishing a first impression that has remained warmly, ecstatically impressed for two goddamned decades. And it remains my ideal Spoon tune all these years later, effortlessly oozing cool and flaunting a catchiness that still makes me hit the repeat button a couple-theee times. High School Me was not the best at making good decisions, but this album and especially this song are something I’m absolutely tickled to have been right about.

And, for what it’s worth, internally grumbling that about those deluge days where all the wrong everythings hit at once is a lot more palatable when my weird brain sings about it in the style of this song’s titular declaration.

Happy belated second birthday to this blog!